Smart Data Technology

Data Transfer

Audio Visual media library archive conversion for your business or organization.The Smart Data Technology specialized in data transferring, soft copy and media conversions. We can securely convert data from one media to another (any types of formats,/camera/audio/video/ cassettes/ film rolls( Cinema, CD/DVD’s and Blurays)

The Benefit of Data Transfer

Reduce storage Space
Disaster proof
Easy and secure access
Online/Offline Library.
Data format conversion
We will make electronic library for your existing library and Office files Our Secure transferring system never fails the quality of masters and data loss. We are using high quality equipment to transfer medias and highly skilled technician’s monitoring the status.

Why should I consider converting my library?

Videotape, audiotape, photos, transparencies, motion picture film, and analog disc recordings are all prone to deterioration, wear, fading, information loss, damage, erasure and contamination.

Even under proper storage conditions, in most cases, your media library is slowly erasing itself over time. If deterioration could be stopped, technology advances, media formats are phased out and reliable original playback machines become harder to find and more expensive to maintain.

On the positive side, the benefits in conversion to digital format allow for easier use and access, quick and inexpensive copies and backup, digital restoration, fast access to materials for presentation, sharing of media across a networked platform and quick/easy migration to other current formats and new technology as it becomes available.